Our Placenta Specialist offers a few options for those wishing to use their placenta. 

  • Placenta Encapsulation-Your placenta will be prepared and placed into capsules.  Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation may include: a more swift recovery from birth, having more energy, shorter lochia flow, an increase in breastmilk supply, and no or less severe postpartum depression. 
  • Cord Keepsakes- Your Baby's umbilical cord will be formed into a shape of your choosing and dehydrated to make a lasting keepsake of the tie between mother and child.
  • Placenta Prints- Prints can be made to commemorate amazing journey of pregnancy and all that made it possible.  Your will be able to see the vasculature of your placenta which is often referred to as the "tree of life."
  • Placenta Art-  One of a kind pieces of art can be created from a print (example above).